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Patent Law; Patent Invalidation; Patent Infringement



Tsinghua University


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Chinese , English


WU Hongwei

Tel:+ 8610 5870 2028

Mr. Wu has represented an extremely diverse range of both local and international clients, including those from the USA and Germany. He specializes in patent application, patent invalidation, patent infringement sues, and judicial appraisals for intellectual property. Mr. Wu has had a very varied career, taking in the following roles:
Senior engineer, Ministry of Spaceflight;
Senior Examiner of the Patent Review Committee, specializing in electronic patent review and invalid case examination, with particular emphasis on computers, electronic circuits and communications;
Primary patent examiner of SIPO;
Visiting scholar of the German Federal Patent Court of the European Patent Offices;
Judicial appraisal expert of the Intellectual Property Centre under the Ministry of Science and Technology; and
Managing Patent of the Beijing Huajin Patent Agency;
This depth and breadth of experience makes Mr. Wu perfectly suited to providing you with first-call patent advice. His expertise and skill have made him highly valued by his clients. He is simply an invaluable member of the GoldenGate team.

Practice Highlights
Cases won:

Patent No. ZL94194854·4

Name of the invention: “High Density Fiber Distribution Frame”
Patentee: A multinational company based in USA
Defendants: Nanjing Putian Telecommunications Co., Ltd; Guangzhou Tianle Telecommunication and Equipment Limited
Case won as agency of the patentee
Patent No.: 97191890·2

Name of the invention: “A kind of printer with colors and identify sense organ”
Patentee: An American electronic company
Defendants: Shenzhen Kanon Industry Development Ltd
Case won as agency of the patentee
Patent No.: ZL97129719·3

Name of the invention: “all purpose box”
Patentee: A famous Germany company
Defendant: Ningbo Zhifa Science and Technology Industry Co., Ltd
Case won as agency of the patentee.
Patent No.:ZL93119737·6

Name of the invention: “method and equipment to purify waste water”
Patentee: A famous Germany Company
Defendant: Haicheng Bohai Sea Environmental Engineering Ltd; Shangdong Swan Water Engineering Co., Ltd.
Acted as Agent of the patentee.
Patent No.:ZL93118343·X

Name of the invention: “medicine box which is used to examine the forepart of blood poisoning”
Patentee: A famous Germany technology company.
Defendants: Guangdong Hongye Antiboday Science and Technology Co., Ltd
Acted as Agent of the patentee.
Patent No.:ZL95109995·7

Name of the invention: “Valve equipment”
Patentee: A Malaysia Individual
Defendants: Zhejing Shuanghuan Plastic Valve Enterprise, Ltd; Tianjin Zongdu Marketing Co., Ltd
Acted as Agent of the patentee.
Patent No.:95192937·2

Name of the invention: “move mode with separate modes”
Patentee: A Canadian individual
Defendants: Ningbo Granville & Fangzhong Industrial Co., Ltd; Shanghai Kangnuo Tubing Co., Ltd.
Advised regarding patent infringement.
Patent No.:ZL98114958·8

Name of the invention: “portable play system in accordance with the standard of moving picture expert group”
Patentee: A Korean internet company
Advised regarding nature of the patent.
Patent No.:97122103·0

Name of the invention: “manufacturing method of double polished clear PVC sheeting”
Patentee: A Taiwan plastic company
Party requesting invalidation: Guangzhou Tianshi Plastic Co., Ltd
Advised regarding request for invalidation.
Patent No.:02803740-5

Name of the invention: “compressed natural gas distribution system”
Patentee: An American company
Party requesting invalidation: Sichuan Jinke Enviroment Protection Tech., Co., Ltd.
Advised regarding request for invalidation.

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