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Patent application, invalidation, infringement; Technology transference; Licensing



B.Sc (Chemistry), Peking University


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Chinese, English


CAO Zhengfeng

Tel:+ 8610 5870 2028

Ms. Cao Zhengfeng is a renowned specialist in Macromolecule chemistry. Since graduating from Peking University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, she has worked for the Beijing Chemical Engineering Institute, Fang Tao Intellectual Property Office, and the Senior Examiner in the Chemical Dept. of SIPO before joining GoldenGate.
Ms. Cao specializesin patent cases for chemicals, the construction industry, adhesives, medicine,food, and has experience in many other fields. Ms. Cao has received a number of rewards during her career, including the Chemical Science and Technology Achievement Awards for her discovery (in Amide paste studies) of 752 hot melt glue for polyester clothing. She has been involved in many well-known patent cases in China.
Winner of a Chemical Science and Technology Achievement Award
“Acrylamide Paste Research (ACRYLIC ACID SIZING SOLUTION)”-The International Chemical Abstract 124398n VOL 96.
“Development in Polyester Hot-Melt Garment Adhesives”,-“International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesive VOL No.5.

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