Eva Han , Trademark Attorney



Eva is engaged in the field of IP for 7 years, specialized in international trademark application, renewal, opposition, invalidation, litigation etc. in worldwide. She is familiar with the trademark laws of different countries and enjoyed sufficient experiences in terms of solving the kinds of difficulties on trademark, she is capable of formulating the trademark layout strategies for client and provide professional legal comments.  She has acted numerous famous domestic enterprises to deal with the overseas trademark applications and rights protection cases.



Achievements and cases


  1. Eva handled the global trademark management and protect acting for a well-known green energy company, and formulated the global trademark strategies. She dealt with trademark appeal and opposition cases in United States, European Union, Russia, and Thailand, etc. Particularly for the trademark refusal due to similarity, she can analyze and combine the degree of difficulties and complexities of the cases, and provide targeted and reasonable professional advice to help clients successfully obtain trademark rights.
  2. Eva handled the overseas trademark infringement on behalf of a well-known Chinese cosmetic company, the client 's trademark was registered by the other party by bad faith, she analyzed the client’s situation of trademark usage, visibility, as well as the relationship between the owner of the challenged trademark and the client, and took many other factors into consideration in this case, she provided pertinent comments for client, and finally got the client’s trademark protected.
  3. Eva successfully handled the overseas trademark layout on behalf a well-known Chinese game company.
Education: Dalian University of Technology
Practice area: International trademark
Working Language: Chinese, English
Title: Trademark Attorney
Tel: +86 10 8589 0501 – 839
Email: ehan@goldengatelawyers.com