Professional Field

—— Artist agreements
—— Intellectual property acquisition and licensing
—— Financing
—— Copyright clearance (including fair use matters)
—— Co-production agreements
—— Production legal services
—— Distribution agreements
—— Recording contracts
—— Music publishing agreements
—— Live performance agreements
—— Band member agreements
—— Merchandising deals and licensing
—— Copyright registrations and enforcement
—— Trademark registrations and enforcement
—— Music licensing for commercials, TV, movies, digital platforms and products
—— Executive employment agreements
—— Litigation/arbitration


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Entertainment law is a mixture of intellectual property, contracts, tort law, labor law, litigation, and other legal disciplines as they relate to the entertainment industry. The visual arts, radio, television, film, music, publishing, and theatre are some of the activities that make up entertainment industry. Located in Beijing, the major hubs of the industry, our Entertainment & Media Practice group provides clients in entertainment markets across the globe with multidisciplinary and business-oriented legal service. We represent clients on both the talent and industry sides in the publishing, music, motion picture, television, sports, internet, digital media, media and cable, video game, virtual reality, art collection, theatre, derivatives licensing and branded entertainment industries.

We assist clients with: